SIGLA is a school and the whole curriculum revolves around building RESILIENCE at person, team, organization and community level.



SIGLA also dreams that through its programs, the participants will “recover the Holy Trinity of Art, Work and Play to recover the DIGNITY of HUMANITY in its likeness to the Creator who also works, creates and plays” (Matthew Fox).

To highlight the Filipino ethnicity of the course offerings and programs, some of the acronyms of titles are Filipino/indigenous words. 


Alternative Learning and Integrative Methods

This is a course that will allow the participants to engage in non-traditional, creative and critical learning methods that will stimulate them to access their whole brain (four quadrants and Multiple Intelligences) in relation to their archetypes for co-creating change in themselves and their spheres of influence. They will be encouraged to use various platforms and modalities of learning that they can adapt to their particular context.
(3 webinar sessions of 2 hours each).


Linking Innovation and Kindness in Human Aspirations and Activities

Likha means to create or to make. This is a course that attempts to co-create innovations as a kind response to actual human problems, long-term difficulties, disruptions of various scales and disasters to give hope to humanity by responsive actions. Innovation can only be founded on hope and optimism—that things can be better. This will combine the objectivity of science and the creativity of art. 
(3 webinar sessions of 2 hours each)


Bravery, Understanding, Discipline and Humility towards Integrity

Budhi means conscience—our inner moral compass of what is right or wrong. This course is about deep values clarification and alignment process that individuals, communities and organizations experiencing major change or preparing for it can go through together.
(3 webinar sessions of 2 hours each)

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